Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Winds of change


Well, you guys that are on my facebook probably already noticed it, but for you that aren´t or didn´t see it:

I GOT A NEW APARTMENT! *celebrate good times, cmon!*

Out of the blue, 4 days ago, this add comes up on the internet, I send them an e-mail, "hey can I came tomorrow to look at the apartment?" "sure!" I get there the next day, I say I like it and they´re like "well, wanna sign it?", long story short, here I am in my awesome living room with a green sofa.

Been cleaning like a maniac this morning, now it´s all fresh and lemony. ^^

Now I gotta go to work!
Cya! :D


Cátia Charters said...

O cinzeiro da martini :D
Que sítio bonito... :)

Annwyn said...

Sim, eu sei! :D O cinzeiro da Martini é especial. ^^ Quase q tnh saudades da mnh vizinha lá no Bairro Alto q tava smpr na varanda a coscuvilhar (e que nos dava cinzeiros xD).

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