Thursday, March 31, 2011

Scandinavia and the World

I just came across this awesome webcomic, which at least for the time being (that is, this past hour) js the best webcomic I´ve seen. (even more entertaining than Cyanide and Happiness, Wullfmorgenthaler and all of those, which I, more often than i´d like to admit, resort to in moments of sheer boredom).
It´s called Scandinavia and the World and I am so captivated by this because it has stricken one of my favourite and biggest humorist chords: stereotypes.

Personally I love stereotypes. Not because I believe in them or because they have any influence whatsoever on how I see people, if they were to be seen in a serious context I would be outrageously against them, that´s for sure, generalization of individuals has never been something to strive for. But seen in a context of pure humor and with a laid-back attitude it can be - at least for me - one of the most fulfilling genres of comedy, because well, 1. When you do confirm a stereotype, it´s often funny as hell, and 2. it kinda gives a sense of peace knowing that you can make fun of somebody without that person being offended, even better, if that person makes a joke back or confirms the stereotype in a matter-of-fact kind of way.

This webcomic is not always politically correct, that has to be said about it, and it does touch very sensitive issues sometimes, but the internet has no [greater] censorship and well, sometimes you do have to enlighten the most taboo-ish issues. And making harmless - even cute - funny stories about them has got to be a good way to lighten up the mood. But I do believe the author of this comic (I believe it´s ~Humon) has a generally good grip on reality, politics and history which add to the legitimacy and of course the quality of the humor itself.
I like it a lot, and I specially recommend it to all of you who have any personal experience with (or are it yourselves) Scandinavian folks because it´s funny as balls. ^^ (Oh, Iceland always sparkles, Finland never says a word and Sister Sweden has only pink furniture).

The use of flags and national symbols is something that indeed differs a lot between countries. :P

[EDIT: Also, I noticed some partial nudity in the cartoons/drawings can occur, just so you know :P]

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Eternal Dilemma

(I know I´m just posting pics today, but I really have nothing new to say, and I´m feeling kind of empty of words, I´ve just been very busy lately and the rampant migraine I´ve had today really does not inspire my writing. :P But everything´s rolling, time goes by and I make the best of it, enjoying all minutes of sweet relaxing boredom and invigorating seconds of excitement, whatever they may be. Feeling surprisingly optimistic, though. :D)

Amusing ourselves to death.

I recommend you click the picture. :P

Thursday, March 24, 2011

I got in!!! :D


This shall be celebrated with pancakes.


Amazing journalism (yet again)

Thank you Capt. Obvious and also congrats on the political correctness fail award.

Monday, March 21, 2011

3 Words: I Heart Copenhagen

Well, the mini roadtrip started in the most amazing way, as they always do: eating pizza in the car.

Then we made our way out of Swede-land through tunnels and sh* and made it to Copenhagen Tivoli! :D

Mojo´s apparently awesome, but also awesomely expensive.

Vintage much?

It was cold, but it doesn´t matter! Why? Cuz everybody loves C-town, wether you´re walking through construction sites or riding a limo (which we saw a couple o´times).

Then we made it to Apollo Bryggeri which is like *totally awesome* cuz they make their own beer... shown here...

(this is where the magic happens)

...and you get to drink a whole liter of [actually quite tasty] beer in these awesome glasses, but there´s a catch... have to hand in your shoes and put them in these baskets here, and you only get them back if you manage to drink the whole beer without breaking the glass (which I imagine happens quite often)...

...and if you manage to have two liters, well, you end up looking like this:

Then we headed on to Irish Rover, where they teach you what to do with a drunken sailor.

And we also met the Queen of Sudania (although not pictured here), but in her stead there´s this joyous dancing Danish dude:

There cannot be a Saint Patty´s day without a dozen kegs. It just is not possible.

Then we wandered on to the awesomest Australian bar with the only beer I´ve ever tasted and actually liked. Go Aussies!

And then it was the next day.


After wandering aimlessly in the shopping street, thriving in all the human activity (which is oh, so rare, farther up north) it was finally time to go back to Sweden.

*The End*

Friday, March 18, 2011

Is it Friday again?...

Damn, this week just disappeared. I´ve been busy following the news in Japan and Lybia, getting sick of anger with the "karma-for-Pearl-Harbor" idiots (I´m sure you guys who have me on Facebook noticed my utter revolt regarding this matter, I don´t think I´ve ever been so active on FB as I was this week) and working my ass off for that company that is slowly eating up my brains on the inside. xD

Then I also was on a job interview (we´ll see how that goes, I might be ending up with two 80% jobs, that would be kewl ^^ = Vacations! [eventually] :D) and then I started this course at the University of Lund about the crusades, how they affect politics today and yaddayaddayadda[boringstuff?] so I´ll be keeping busy the next few months with eventually two jobs, a bunch of courses and stuff. =D

This weekend will be yet another one [well] spent on the interpretation course! :D Tomorrow we´re starting out with medical interpretation, we´ll be doing this for a month or so and it will be so awwwwesome! :D

Since it´s Friday, I´m gonna put out a RWJ song for all you geeks out there! ;)

*Partying with Darth Vader and Voldemort*

I´ll be posting some pics from our little night out in Copenhagen soon. Not just yet. :P

(It´s snowing again!! Are you f*ing kidding me?!...)


Friday, March 11, 2011

Partying in Copenhagen HEY-YO

Due to a ridiculous amount of randomness I´m gonna spend the night in C-town, baby!
Woooo, partey! Or well, probably just bar-sitting sipping on some cider (wishing it was Moscatel xD) finishing a pack of cigarettes in a preposterous amount of time. :P Still, ´sgonna be fu-uu-un..!

Now, since I got an extended schedule today, I´m gonna bust mah ass off at work and be a total zombie when I finally head out...(the boss told me however if we feel that it´s too much and that we can´t handle the pressure that we could leave early. I have to admit it isn´t the easiest job to do for a whole lot of hours). But that won´t happen cuz I got a ride to C-town, unless I wanna wait in the dark area right by the "crazy-people" hospital that is S:t Lars, in Lund. :P

I wanna dedicate this song to my Danish peeps out in L-town, Maria Teresa Ferreira and Malene G. Seabra. ;) Hehehehe.

Cya tomorrow!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Because I feel so goddamn awesome today.

Happy International Day of Awesomeness!

(The weather ain´t awesome though. Screw the weather, I´ll be awesome enough for both of us.)


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Why does this happen like, everyday...?

Well, gotta go to work peeps!
Cya latuh!

Monday, March 7, 2011


I heart the annual book sales *teary eyes*
Cheap books has got to be one of the most joyous things modern society has to offer.

OMG YAY!1!!(one)!!1

It went well!! Wohoo!
The person that called me, Anamaria (I had exchanged some e-mails with her earlier actually, but I didn´t know she was going to be the one to make the interview) she was really nice, seemed like a genuinely good human being, because you can hear on the phone that she was smiling. xD She made some standard questions and I think I answered them in the best way possible (my voice was shaking but I think it went just fine on that front actually) and she seemed happy with the answers, since she didn´t ask any questions back regarding my answers. ^^ And it took like 10-15 minutes so it wasn´t as torturing as I´d done it in my imagination. :P

So...I´ll get an answer on how I did on March 15th, and then we´ll see! :)

On a personal note, I think I did really well. ^^


The University in Lund is gonna call me in an hour - yes, it´s a freaking phone interview!!! - and I´m so nervous :S What will they ask me? What am I going to say, what if I say something wrong, what if I get nervous and just blab a bunch of BS and ruin everything? Unfortunately I know I have that "capability" of completely losing the ability to speak. A memorable occasion as when I was doing a language test and surprise surprise, it was the oral exam - well, I got so nervous I didn´t speak for waaay too many seconds *awkward silence* and when I finally did it didn´t make any sense. It made no sense at all...*So much fail*
Well, at least like this I don´t have to worry about my palms sweating (well, sweating in general, I guess many of us always have those annoying self-conscious obsessive-compulsive thoughts, haha) or choosing the wrong clothes to wear, or whatever one might think about while in an interview.

Dear lord.....

Sunday, March 6, 2011


Because it´s only 3am and I don´t have to be at work at all tomorrow, no, not at all, nooo... (sarcasm much?) I decided to finally translate my profile description
that one over there ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------>
from Swedish to English, cuz I bet it has been annoying most of you. :P
It has come to my mind many times before that I really should change that, but I clearly could not have found a better timing than this one (when I really should be sleeping).

That was it. :P

G´night folks!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Janis Joplin and some randomness

On stage I make love to twenty five thousand people; and then I go home alone.

This sentence always makes me wonder. About many things. One of them is ambitions. Not only mine, but other´s ambitions, do people really know what they want? Does anybody truly, sincerely, know what to strive for?

So, is anybody truly happy, or just settling for life? 

They say the 80´s generation is like that, we who were born in the 80´s are never satisfied with our lives, with our goals, we always want more, but here´s the special thing about us: we never know exactly what it is we want. Either we want nothing and therefore lack motivation for, well, everything; or we want too many things! 

We want to be everything, feel, experience everything, all the niches reality has to offer, simply because we cannot make a decision. A decision to fully appreciate what a certain choice might give, risking losing other things. Or is making that decision just settling? Just settling for what you can get, without daring to dream, because dreams don´t always come true.

Life becomes what you make of it. If it can´t be done, change perspective.
(and by this I don´t mean change where you are, but change how you feel about what you already have.)

Now I´m gonna quit blabbing on about these thoughts (annoying you guys with boring stuff ^^) and I´m gonna enjoy my Saturday evening, cuz I gotta work tomorrow. ;) 
Oh, and props to my sis for making such an awesome meme-cake:

(see meme here: )

Also, I hear a small town in Spain has reintroduced the peseta to boost the local economy...I must say, I don´t know what to think of this, I have a quite solid though [highly] ambiguous opinion about the euro, and this surprised me  at the same time that I asked myself why this hasn't happened before. I don´t know whether to see this as a positive initiative originating from an existing necessity (well, it is, but...) or if this only destabilizes an already fragile monetary situation (which it probably does if it were to be a long term phenomena). I do understand both sides of this question and find valid arguments - that I actually find realistic - on both sides of the coin (hehe pun).

 I can say two things though, this might have unforeseen consequences (specially if this were to spread, which I don´t find that unthinkable). If any, the stores that have been accepting pesetas will lose a lot of money and everybody else would have officially gotten their things for free, since the money is out of circulation, and how easy is it to track the purchases if it´s at a bigger scale? (would they even want to track since it might be illegal? Can it be regarded as trading, as foul play by the stores, or even as stealing, by the buyers? I don´t have a great knowledge on the legal matters here, if anybody does, please elucidate me :P). 
I guess you can just call it plain trading commerce in that case, since the legality of the money itself is not in question because even if they do use an exchange rate to define value, it´s just inadequate terminology, because the "money" cannot be seen as _money_ but as any other object. The question is, is this even legal? And if it is in some crazy way, then I do not see a bright future for any of us would this become larger (well, maybe us in Scandinavia might not lose that much, I guess it would be worse in some ways but positive in others. But still, for the rest of the E. Union and specifically the euro countries, it would be catastrophic for at least 10 years). And second, but not quite as exciting, I actually wouldn´t mind using up my old escudos [and pesetas, etc] that are lying around in my room (yes, I do have some). :P

Link here:
and here:

Hope you guys are having a nice weekend ;) 

Friday, March 4, 2011


Wohoo, it´s frii-iiii-dAy!

Now I´m gonna go have a leisurely stroll through the town of Ass-love (that´s right, Eslöv) and go get some books I ordered ^^ Yayy! Then I´m gonna go to work and stare at the clock ticking away my time. :P

Since we all sometimes need to blow of some steam, and I don´t feel being on a foul mood, I´m gonna leave you here with a vid that frankly made me laugh today. :P

Enjoy (and your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries)

Have a good one ;)