Friday, March 11, 2011

Partying in Copenhagen HEY-YO

Due to a ridiculous amount of randomness I´m gonna spend the night in C-town, baby!
Woooo, partey! Or well, probably just bar-sitting sipping on some cider (wishing it was Moscatel xD) finishing a pack of cigarettes in a preposterous amount of time. :P Still, ´sgonna be fu-uu-un..!

Now, since I got an extended schedule today, I´m gonna bust mah ass off at work and be a total zombie when I finally head out...(the boss told me however if we feel that it´s too much and that we can´t handle the pressure that we could leave early. I have to admit it isn´t the easiest job to do for a whole lot of hours). But that won´t happen cuz I got a ride to C-town, unless I wanna wait in the dark area right by the "crazy-people" hospital that is S:t Lars, in Lund. :P

I wanna dedicate this song to my Danish peeps out in L-town, Maria Teresa Ferreira and Malene G. Seabra. ;) Hehehehe.

Cya tomorrow!


Neoiti said...

*le just trolling comment

Annwyn said...

*le just answering because I have to.

Annwyn said...

Rasmus Seebach is *forever alone*

Neoiti said...


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