Thursday, March 31, 2011

Scandinavia and the World

I just came across this awesome webcomic, which at least for the time being (that is, this past hour) js the best webcomic I´ve seen. (even more entertaining than Cyanide and Happiness, Wullfmorgenthaler and all of those, which I, more often than i´d like to admit, resort to in moments of sheer boredom).
It´s called Scandinavia and the World and I am so captivated by this because it has stricken one of my favourite and biggest humorist chords: stereotypes.

Personally I love stereotypes. Not because I believe in them or because they have any influence whatsoever on how I see people, if they were to be seen in a serious context I would be outrageously against them, that´s for sure, generalization of individuals has never been something to strive for. But seen in a context of pure humor and with a laid-back attitude it can be - at least for me - one of the most fulfilling genres of comedy, because well, 1. When you do confirm a stereotype, it´s often funny as hell, and 2. it kinda gives a sense of peace knowing that you can make fun of somebody without that person being offended, even better, if that person makes a joke back or confirms the stereotype in a matter-of-fact kind of way.

This webcomic is not always politically correct, that has to be said about it, and it does touch very sensitive issues sometimes, but the internet has no [greater] censorship and well, sometimes you do have to enlighten the most taboo-ish issues. And making harmless - even cute - funny stories about them has got to be a good way to lighten up the mood. But I do believe the author of this comic (I believe it´s ~Humon) has a generally good grip on reality, politics and history which add to the legitimacy and of course the quality of the humor itself.
I like it a lot, and I specially recommend it to all of you who have any personal experience with (or are it yourselves) Scandinavian folks because it´s funny as balls. ^^ (Oh, Iceland always sparkles, Finland never says a word and Sister Sweden has only pink furniture).

The use of flags and national symbols is something that indeed differs a lot between countries. :P

[EDIT: Also, I noticed some partial nudity in the cartoons/drawings can occur, just so you know :P]


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