Monday, March 7, 2011


The University in Lund is gonna call me in an hour - yes, it´s a freaking phone interview!!! - and I´m so nervous :S What will they ask me? What am I going to say, what if I say something wrong, what if I get nervous and just blab a bunch of BS and ruin everything? Unfortunately I know I have that "capability" of completely losing the ability to speak. A memorable occasion as when I was doing a language test and surprise surprise, it was the oral exam - well, I got so nervous I didn´t speak for waaay too many seconds *awkward silence* and when I finally did it didn´t make any sense. It made no sense at all...*So much fail*
Well, at least like this I don´t have to worry about my palms sweating (well, sweating in general, I guess many of us always have those annoying self-conscious obsessive-compulsive thoughts, haha) or choosing the wrong clothes to wear, or whatever one might think about while in an interview.

Dear lord.....


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