Thursday, January 20, 2011

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Who needs Atkins?

And about my day :P

Well, I crossed the icy waters to the continent and arrived at the central station in Copenhagen more or less an hour earlier to give me time to find the place, since I was walking; and crossing like 30 junkies on my way out (no offense, it was Nordkraft by Jakob Ejersbo all over) I made my way through [a lot!] of sex shops - seriously - stumbled on a couple of churches (which I learned are now connected to facebook) and then I finally found the place.

 Everybody was super nice, the Danish peeps were awesome and they had a really cool call center at that travel agency, with desks that go up in case you´re tired of sitting and all that crap. Good stuff. Oh and they had the radio on and everybody had wireless headsets. I know I´m getting off the point I just wanted to pinpoint the differences from my former job at a call center. *ahem*
Then the interview went on and the guy was really nice, swedish speaking, which I considered to be a bonus. He said: "Tourists always leave their brain at home". Which interesting theory. Seems legit, but I´m not quite sure if I should be offended or not xD I´m choosing not.

So I was honest during the interview and considering that I have no experience in the field I believe it was the right choice, specially because it didn´t seem to discourage him.

We agreed that he would propose the offer to his team and they would eventually choose if they want to invest in giving me some "education" (lol) and that I would eventually be called to be a part of a tour and see how they work.

He seemed really happy with the interview anyway, and I was too. :)

The Brown Cabbage Inferno Rampage!!!

Please allow me to make a discriminatory post because I feel compelled to write about something that not all of you can understand.
But I will try to explain. :P

It´s not anything serious. :p As some of you may know I have for some years now had some minor personal issues regarding the quality of journalism and journalists/reporters these days, specially the Swedish ones.

Today was yet another day to make my disappointment grow, if not the quality of the journalism itself, which I don´t doubt must be there somewhere, at least I have to point out their just outstanding and flawless capability of making priorities.

Or maybe they just have an amazing sense of humour. I do hope so.

Aw´right, what´s the deal here?

One can see the word bomb, something that kinda looks like explode-something-something (it´s a new kind of energy drink - "It´s explosive!" naaah just kidding, I´ll stop now) and then the name of a city, so one would assume it is to say the least, worrying. But no, no biggie. It´s cabbage.

Seriously, nobody died, it was just a piece of pressurized cabbage that "exploded" in somebody´s kitchen. Real classified Assange inspired conspiracy material here.
One could although forgive them for this waste of time reportage since it is a somewhat local newspaper. But then of course the national newspapers tabloids picked it up and made it sound like freaking Hiroshima. (Too early?)

And of course, gotta love the Swedish language! The versatility to make up new words blows my mind.
Cabbage-Inferno!! Run for your lives!!1!
(and of course the quote "We don´t dare to cook anymore" I actually credit that to the awesome creativity of the writer of the article in question, I seriously do not believe the owners of the exploded cabbage were that traumatized.)

Also, because they did take a Before and After picture.

...and After :D Yummy.

So, the rant is over. ^^


Image copyright: © Sydsvenskan 
                        © Aftonbladet

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My first attempt to blog from my phone

Apparently this phone wasn't made for such endeavours (is that an actual word?) So I have to write this through html and not the easy way. But it's doable. To make it even funnier I'm writing with T9 that still screws up my brain, specially when it's in Swedish :P

But now I know it can be done! yay for me -.-

There is one thing I would like to point out about my phone which I solemnly hate. it's that it tells me how much time I have left to sleep when I set on the alarm clock.

Now ''4 h 11 m" is just rude. Balls to you phone.

(Nevermind the me blogging when I should be sleeping. Balls to you insomnia!)

Pondering the surreal on *sarcasm mode *

Tomorrow is Copenhagen-time! Yet again. It is the most random of all interviews, since I was sure that I wasn´t going to get an answer, and turns out I got one real quick too. So... Let´s see if I´m the right person to be the Scandinavian tour guide of Portugal. :P Well, my brutto qualifications sure seem to point to yes, but I am still quite hesitant, I mean, isn´t it ironic? I come back to Sweden, try to find a job, and randomly end back in Lisbon without even it making an effort? :p Weird stuff. We´ll see, if all turns out well, I might become a freelance tourist guide. That´s a new one, but I guess it works..

I just feel bad for the people that have paid around 1000 euros to see Portugal and they end up being 7 whole days with me. Shit happens, ey? xD

Oh well, enough with this crappy text, I really don´t have anything to say, except that I don´t think that I´m going to be so nervous, I´m guessing I will enter that door with a "wtf-just-happened" expression. And honestly, I really don´t know what to hope for....! When people go to job interviews, they usually don´t go there just to do rec-work, they actually want the job. But me...I don´t know, I´m not liking this tendency of mine of "it-went-well-but-deep-down-I-dont-want-it" cuz that is just self-sabotage. :P And that sucks. wrap this monologue-thingie up.......I hope that they have a nice deal, that it allows me at least for the time being, to visit Portugal for one week every now and then with a bunch of retired people and bitter divorcés. That sounds, uhm....nice.

(Stupid is blocking the view)

Friday, January 14, 2011

Two down, [at least] one to go.

Hello people of the internet! (lulz)

The interview went a lot better than the last one, it is a fact - everybody was super nice, the guy that interviewed me was really cool, fashionable laid-back retro easy going dude, we ended up talking about soccer. :P It went well, but I am not so keen on that offer, since it included talking to banks, making loans, so to speak, be the intermediate between costumer, real estate and bank - and since that kind of economics is in no way a part of my background, I actually believe it is too much of an overambitious investment on my part, trying to express-learn all of this. I don't wanna risk ruining anybody's life. :P We'll see, they said they were gonna call back. In case Lund University contacts me (pliiiizzz please please please) I might have courage to turn it down, if I do get it...

I have to say, the weather wasn't great in Copenhagen either... :P

Tossing and turning

They might potentially hire a zombie tomorrow. Just sayin'.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Early morning interview

...and I am so not in the mood to go to bed early. :P

So, in the mists of the night before the rise of the sun (well...= <08:29), fighting through snow and ice (well, inside a train) I shall go...

God, let´s hope this is worth it :P

One of my faves :)


The eloquence kills me.


By the way, I really wanna recommend a movie I saw yesterday, just because I wasn´t really expecting anything and it turned out to be pretty good :)
It´s called "Defiance" and it is based on a true WWII story, taking place in Belarus. Daniel Craig features in it and he actually gained some respect points from me. ^^ Cool movie, anyways. :)

Cross your fingers

There´s gonna be a lot of crossing fingers, I tell you. Well, the interview went well, apart from me being a pathetic nerv wreck. It was not a specific job I went there for, but just so they have me in their database if they would need somebody, so that´s cool and it seemed pretty good.

The downside of this is that, if I do get a placement in Denmark - which was mainly what I applied for - it couldn´t be at a worse timing, since the Danish exchange rate is getting weaker compared to the Swedish one so you might end up actually losing money, since you do have the extra transportation costs. We´ll see. Again, crossing fingers and hoping that it doesn´t get any weaker. :P

Earlier today (like 10 minutes ago) I applied for yet another job, this time at the University of Lund, at their center of demographic research to help out doing a database of historic documents and I am reaaaally (REALLY) putting my hopes on that one, cuz it would be totally awesome to actually get a job in my area of expertise, so to speak. :P *getting hopes up stupidly*

That´s about it! :P

Now I´m going on veggie mode (not in the good way) and watch the rest of a meaningless 2 1/2 men episode.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011




Well, today I´m going to a job interview in Malmö, and for 5 minutes ago I got a call from a real estate company (swedish company) in Copenhagen, so I´m going there for an interview on Friday...And then I got another job interview for a Danish travel agency next wednesday...I didn´t think I´d get such a good response, but aparently it ain´t that hard finding a job, people! So get going, there is still hope! :D

Now I gotta hurry up!



New start, new blog! -.-

Hopefully I won't change blog address again any time soon - I wonder how people still keep track of my cyber-identity...It's like a cluedo game, "oh, damn, what was the name of that blog she had like two years ago?" "oh wait, that one doesn't exist anymore, what was the other one, that lasted for like 3 months..." and on and on and on. Lucky thing I actually leave the links to the future blog on the one I'm about to leave. :P

(Or nowadays, we have facebook to keep track of that stuff. Seriously. Bookmarking is so 2008. Nah, just kidding, I still bookmark ^^).

And it's a first: a blog in English!!! Yaayy :D No more google translate for 80% of the few that actually bother to read what I write! Yayy :D

*And there was much rejoicing*

"Where is she living now? Is it in Portugal? Then it must be in Swedish. Or is it Sweden? Then it must be in Portuguese. Or? Does she actually change blog every time she moves? Geesh."