Wednesday, January 12, 2011


New start, new blog! -.-

Hopefully I won't change blog address again any time soon - I wonder how people still keep track of my cyber-identity...It's like a cluedo game, "oh, damn, what was the name of that blog she had like two years ago?" "oh wait, that one doesn't exist anymore, what was the other one, that lasted for like 3 months..." and on and on and on. Lucky thing I actually leave the links to the future blog on the one I'm about to leave. :P

(Or nowadays, we have facebook to keep track of that stuff. Seriously. Bookmarking is so 2008. Nah, just kidding, I still bookmark ^^).

And it's a first: a blog in English!!! Yaayy :D No more google translate for 80% of the few that actually bother to read what I write! Yayy :D

*And there was much rejoicing*

"Where is she living now? Is it in Portugal? Then it must be in Swedish. Or is it Sweden? Then it must be in Portuguese. Or? Does she actually change blog every time she moves? Geesh."


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