Friday, January 14, 2011

Two down, [at least] one to go.

Hello people of the internet! (lulz)

The interview went a lot better than the last one, it is a fact - everybody was super nice, the guy that interviewed me was really cool, fashionable laid-back retro easy going dude, we ended up talking about soccer. :P It went well, but I am not so keen on that offer, since it included talking to banks, making loans, so to speak, be the intermediate between costumer, real estate and bank - and since that kind of economics is in no way a part of my background, I actually believe it is too much of an overambitious investment on my part, trying to express-learn all of this. I don't wanna risk ruining anybody's life. :P We'll see, they said they were gonna call back. In case Lund University contacts me (pliiiizzz please please please) I might have courage to turn it down, if I do get it...

I have to say, the weather wasn't great in Copenhagen either... :P


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