Thursday, January 13, 2011

Cross your fingers

There´s gonna be a lot of crossing fingers, I tell you. Well, the interview went well, apart from me being a pathetic nerv wreck. It was not a specific job I went there for, but just so they have me in their database if they would need somebody, so that´s cool and it seemed pretty good.

The downside of this is that, if I do get a placement in Denmark - which was mainly what I applied for - it couldn´t be at a worse timing, since the Danish exchange rate is getting weaker compared to the Swedish one so you might end up actually losing money, since you do have the extra transportation costs. We´ll see. Again, crossing fingers and hoping that it doesn´t get any weaker. :P

Earlier today (like 10 minutes ago) I applied for yet another job, this time at the University of Lund, at their center of demographic research to help out doing a database of historic documents and I am reaaaally (REALLY) putting my hopes on that one, cuz it would be totally awesome to actually get a job in my area of expertise, so to speak. :P *getting hopes up stupidly*

That´s about it! :P

Now I´m going on veggie mode (not in the good way) and watch the rest of a meaningless 2 1/2 men episode.


Cátia Charters said...

Um emprego na Universidade de Lund seria fantástico! :) Mas qualquer um é melhor que nada, por isso não deprimas caso não te chamem para lá.
Está assim tão mau para os lados dos Dinamarqueses? :S

Annwyn said...

Sim, parece ser um trabalho muito fixe por acaso e todas as competências que eles requerem eu tenho, e pelo que percebi o anúncio só foi publicado hoje, por isso devo ter sido das primeiras pessoas a candidatar-me. Seria mt fixe!:D
A Dinamarca é um país melhor para se trabalhar que a Suécia em muitos aspectos, há menos limitacoes prácticas e claro eles pagam mais entre outras coisas. :) Agora com a economia assim instável é que se tem que fazer muitas contas para ver se compensa viver num país e trabalhar noutro... :/

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