Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Brown Cabbage Inferno Rampage!!!

Please allow me to make a discriminatory post because I feel compelled to write about something that not all of you can understand.
But I will try to explain. :P

It´s not anything serious. :p As some of you may know I have for some years now had some minor personal issues regarding the quality of journalism and journalists/reporters these days, specially the Swedish ones.

Today was yet another day to make my disappointment grow, if not the quality of the journalism itself, which I don´t doubt must be there somewhere, at least I have to point out their just outstanding and flawless capability of making priorities.

Or maybe they just have an amazing sense of humour. I do hope so.

Aw´right, what´s the deal here?

One can see the word bomb, something that kinda looks like explode-something-something (it´s a new kind of energy drink - "It´s explosive!" naaah just kidding, I´ll stop now) and then the name of a city, so one would assume it is to say the least, worrying. But no, no biggie. It´s cabbage.

Seriously, nobody died, it was just a piece of pressurized cabbage that "exploded" in somebody´s kitchen. Real classified Assange inspired conspiracy material here.
One could although forgive them for this waste of time reportage since it is a somewhat local newspaper. But then of course the national newspapers tabloids picked it up and made it sound like freaking Hiroshima. (Too early?)

And of course, gotta love the Swedish language! The versatility to make up new words blows my mind.
Cabbage-Inferno!! Run for your lives!!1!
(and of course the quote "We don´t dare to cook anymore" I actually credit that to the awesome creativity of the writer of the article in question, I seriously do not believe the owners of the exploded cabbage were that traumatized.)

Also, because they did take a Before and After picture.

...and After :D Yummy.

So, the rant is over. ^^


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                        © Aftonbladet


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