Thursday, January 20, 2011

And about my day :P

Well, I crossed the icy waters to the continent and arrived at the central station in Copenhagen more or less an hour earlier to give me time to find the place, since I was walking; and crossing like 30 junkies on my way out (no offense, it was Nordkraft by Jakob Ejersbo all over) I made my way through [a lot!] of sex shops - seriously - stumbled on a couple of churches (which I learned are now connected to facebook) and then I finally found the place.

 Everybody was super nice, the Danish peeps were awesome and they had a really cool call center at that travel agency, with desks that go up in case you´re tired of sitting and all that crap. Good stuff. Oh and they had the radio on and everybody had wireless headsets. I know I´m getting off the point I just wanted to pinpoint the differences from my former job at a call center. *ahem*
Then the interview went on and the guy was really nice, swedish speaking, which I considered to be a bonus. He said: "Tourists always leave their brain at home". Which interesting theory. Seems legit, but I´m not quite sure if I should be offended or not xD I´m choosing not.

So I was honest during the interview and considering that I have no experience in the field I believe it was the right choice, specially because it didn´t seem to discourage him.

We agreed that he would propose the offer to his team and they would eventually choose if they want to invest in giving me some "education" (lol) and that I would eventually be called to be a part of a tour and see how they work.

He seemed really happy with the interview anyway, and I was too. :)


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