Friday, March 18, 2011

Is it Friday again?...

Damn, this week just disappeared. I´ve been busy following the news in Japan and Lybia, getting sick of anger with the "karma-for-Pearl-Harbor" idiots (I´m sure you guys who have me on Facebook noticed my utter revolt regarding this matter, I don´t think I´ve ever been so active on FB as I was this week) and working my ass off for that company that is slowly eating up my brains on the inside. xD

Then I also was on a job interview (we´ll see how that goes, I might be ending up with two 80% jobs, that would be kewl ^^ = Vacations! [eventually] :D) and then I started this course at the University of Lund about the crusades, how they affect politics today and yaddayaddayadda[boringstuff?] so I´ll be keeping busy the next few months with eventually two jobs, a bunch of courses and stuff. =D

This weekend will be yet another one [well] spent on the interpretation course! :D Tomorrow we´re starting out with medical interpretation, we´ll be doing this for a month or so and it will be so awwwwesome! :D

Since it´s Friday, I´m gonna put out a RWJ song for all you geeks out there! ;)

*Partying with Darth Vader and Voldemort*

I´ll be posting some pics from our little night out in Copenhagen soon. Not just yet. :P

(It´s snowing again!! Are you f*ing kidding me?!...)



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