Monday, March 21, 2011

3 Words: I Heart Copenhagen

Well, the mini roadtrip started in the most amazing way, as they always do: eating pizza in the car.

Then we made our way out of Swede-land through tunnels and sh* and made it to Copenhagen Tivoli! :D

Mojo´s apparently awesome, but also awesomely expensive.

Vintage much?

It was cold, but it doesn´t matter! Why? Cuz everybody loves C-town, wether you´re walking through construction sites or riding a limo (which we saw a couple o´times).

Then we made it to Apollo Bryggeri which is like *totally awesome* cuz they make their own beer... shown here...

(this is where the magic happens)

...and you get to drink a whole liter of [actually quite tasty] beer in these awesome glasses, but there´s a catch... have to hand in your shoes and put them in these baskets here, and you only get them back if you manage to drink the whole beer without breaking the glass (which I imagine happens quite often)...

...and if you manage to have two liters, well, you end up looking like this:

Then we headed on to Irish Rover, where they teach you what to do with a drunken sailor.

And we also met the Queen of Sudania (although not pictured here), but in her stead there´s this joyous dancing Danish dude:

There cannot be a Saint Patty´s day without a dozen kegs. It just is not possible.

Then we wandered on to the awesomest Australian bar with the only beer I´ve ever tasted and actually liked. Go Aussies!

And then it was the next day.


After wandering aimlessly in the shopping street, thriving in all the human activity (which is oh, so rare, farther up north) it was finally time to go back to Sweden.

*The End*


Cátia Charters said...

Com quem fizeste a viagem? Família ou amigos?

Também quero visitar muitos países e cidades!!!

Annwyn said...

Família. :)
Oh, eu sei..! :´( Qd tivermos tempo e dinheiro vingamo-nos. :P

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