Saturday, April 23, 2011

A day in Malmö

This is some pics I took when my friend Teresa came to Copenhagen M (lol) with her kids last week. :)

I found out about the children-friendly sides of Malmö.

Never gave a thought to the fact that there was a huge kids park right next to the library.

We got hunted down by hungry ducks.

Little cute bastards like this one. ^^ 

They´re surrounding us! We´re doomed!!

The weather wasn't fabulous.

They liked the geese that didn't move way more than the ones that did.

Now I´m chillin with mah homie Vivaldi and Beethoven, mah brotha from anotha motha (Me - making classical music Gangsta since 1988) after spending an awesome afternoon/evening with my portuguese mate Sara Pereira from Lund/Amadora (hehe) in the garden with pizza and having a small nostalgic trip with old Portuguese Eurovision songs. :P Songs like this one (this clip is oddly enough from the Swedish broadcast but with Spanish hosting - do ignore the awful Spanish pronunciation of "Desfolhada").



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