Monday, April 11, 2011

Realm of Dreams

Came back from work with ambitious - as always - projects of finally doing some school work, so I started making a research on the fourth crusade, I have a couple o´things to hand in this week regarding that theme.
But like Peter Griffin and the American Beauty scene (see ref here in case you don´t remember that scene :P) my concentration wasn´t exactly as high as I wanted it to, so I ended up watching a documentary about the Iranian revolution instead which in some inexplicable way lead to me spending the last hour reading about Saami (or Sápmi or Lappish or whatever one prefers) culture, because there was some small song piece on the documentary (which I assume was Iranian music) that reminded me of Joiking. :P
Feel free to call me weird, I still like it.

And so I came across this awesome piece of modern Joiking
(which sounds somewhat like Iron Maiden meets FolkTrad xD): Click here for some Rocking Joiking Dude. ^^

And now, I found this - in my opinion - pretty damn great concert excerpt from a performance by Mari Boine in the Opera House of Oslo, which I find strangely invigorating and relaxing at the same time. :)
And let´s admit it, they do have one of the most awesome languages [evah evah] in the world. :P

Enjoy, and g´night. :)

Wanna hear some more Saami language? Check out this cover of Abba´s Waterloo by Sofia Jannok on the Swedish Eurovision show´s pause entertainment performance. :)


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