Friday, February 18, 2011



Well, where was I? :P I was in Gothenburg! :D I´d only been there once before and it was only driving by, so it was really cool and I really liked the city. I went there to meet Lotta from our very own little Stockholm-Lisboa Project! :D

Lotta :D

She was in Sweden for a few days and texted me out of the blue (cuz I didn´t know she was in Swede-land) if I could consider a "small" trip to G-town to grab a coffee and update each other. xD So I did and it was sooo much fun! :D
The weather wasn´t great.

This is by the coast close to Helsingborg.

The train drove by a lot of funny places. ^^

Look, no snow!

Very exciting...

Very exciting indeed...


Fässbergs church in Mölndal

Expresso house. I don´t know these people. :P

Gothenburg Eye?

Train station!

Cute Edinburgh-style alleys :D

Nordstan Shopping center


The Queen´s Square :P

G-town People

Hehe, and that was about it :D The train ride back was less than exciting, since I slept through the whole of it. :P

And that was my fab-tastic one-day trip :P

P.S.- I apologize for being so bloggly absent lately, my computer has decided to die for good (but now I have an HD Hoorayy) so I´m using the computers of my family members xD So thx mom. xD


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