Friday, February 18, 2011

In other news..

I went to more job interviews and I might have gotten myself a job! xD

*CeLeBrAtE GoOd TiMeS C´mOn!*

Right now it´s only a test period, but I´ll be sure to let the blog know if I actually sign a contract! :D

It´s a slave´s pay, it is, and it´s a shitty job, truly, honestly and from the bottom of my heart, it´s a shitty job. But hey, it´s better than nothing. I am not entirely allowed to talk about it - and I already signed the secrecy contract - so it would be tremendously stupid to write about it here in the blog.

You know like:
Employer: *google search* "Anna Catarina Jakobsson"
. 1st Hit - Facebook Profile -----> Info (that no matter how much privacy settings you add, if somebody wants to they can still see it)------>Websites:
Blog 1
Blog 2
*Choice* Blog 1---> Down
*Choice* Blog 2 (this one) ------>*reads about how I shamelessly ignored the secrecy contract*

*Picks up phone*
*My cellphone rings*

Thus, getting me fired before I even started.

Or something like that... :P
I can say that ít´s marketing research (booooring) and I won´t risk any more. xD

So, I started out on this test period yesterday and it went ok, I have to be honest, by the end of it I was actually pretty good. So, today I´ll have my 2nd day of this test-period-thingy and I hope it goes well. :D

And that´s the news on the job front!


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