Thursday, February 3, 2011

Picknick in Björkeberga

(My folks)


(Tree tops)

(Fallen tree)

(Huge rock that looks like a sofa)

(a frozen lake)

(the ass of a bison (!) that we saw like 40 meters from the road)

(the head of the bison in question, with worse image quality)
(bisons are scary when they stare at you)


How´s that for a boring post? :P I know I know, I´m a bad blogger, I just haven´t had anything important to tell...No news [is not always good news]...

How´bout we do a "poll"? A very boring one to go with this post:
-I´m going to a big city tomorrow. Can you guess which one?
Hint 1: I´m gonna get up around 07:15.
Hint 2: I´m gonna take two trains.
Hint 3: I have a backpack with like 7 sandwiches and candy.

:P (hey, gotta break this blog silence with something)


Neoiti said...

I know which one

Annwyn said...

Oh, shut up you xP

Cátia Charters said...


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