Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Well, where should I start?
I got a job! Wohoo! :P Today I start working at that Marketing research place in Lund, i got a part-time deal, 15-21 and it´s ok. It´s kind of tiring but I´m ok with it, I have to talk constantly and endlessly for 6 hours but as long as I have water with me it´s cool. :P

On another note it appears as I have found a new calling :P That interpreter thing has turned out to be perfect for me! It´s indeed very different from what I thought it would be, you have no clue about all the rules and restrictions one has as an interpreter plus that it´s potentially a quite dangerous job, depending on what area you´re working with - for example if you chose working within law, it´s very common to be threatened to death and similar things, if you interpret for example at a court and the family can be present, they usually wait for you outside to kick your ass or follow you home and that kind of stuff. Or if it´s at the police they can wait for you in the parking lot and be like "Did he tell where the drugs are hidden?" and pull a knife at you. :P

The secrecy that is inherent with this job is humongous and you have no idea how easy it is to get fired and lose your license. You have to have a clean record - which is not that hard - but you also have to have no contact at all with the people you´re working for outside of the interpretation moment itself. Also it is very hard on you emotionally, you can be interpreting for social services and people tell you the most heart-breaking stories of infantile violence or war or worse things and an interpreter can never show emotion. Or you might be aware that the person you´re interpreting for is lying and you still have to translate the lies, without giving your own opinion.
The teacher, he was amazing, had fantastic pedagogical skills and was really skilled (he was a hungarian-swedish interpreter) he told so many things and it is truly common that people lie in your face: for example there was a polish-swedish interpreter not far from here that was working for the social services and the client came to the place in a new Mercedes, fur coats, bling-bling, the whole deal, parked, put all the stuff in the trunk and then came in "I have no money to feed my children" and the interpreter got fired and lost the license to interpret [forever] because she shouted "then sell your mercedes!" :P Stuff like that.
But I am really enthusiastic because I can honestly feel that I might be helping people by doing this - I am considering choosing specializing in the medical health area and that would be, well, less dangerous and also more fulfilling. :P Also because working in law requires so much knowledge [that I don´t have] and it´s a big responsibility holding the power of having one going to jail or not. :P
If you wanna know more about being an interpreter I´m am happy to tell you, just write on the comment section BeLoW. xD

That´s about it! Now I´m gonna go get ready for work. =)



Först: GRATTIS TILL JOBBET!!!!!!!!!! :D :D
Sen: GRATTIS TILL DITT NYA KALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D Måste kännas otroligt skönt och "utpustande" att hitta "rätt". So, sooo happy 4 yaa.
Sist (och en parentes egentligen): Jag satte igång musiken i inlägget över detta och körde det som lite bakgrundsmusik när jag skulle läsa det här långa. Snacka om spännande läsning på flera olika sätt när jag gick igenom mening för mening om livshotande, knivhotande grejer och hörde samtidigt hur musiken blev mer intensiv för varje punkt, typ. Tack för det! Haha :)

Lycka till nu med det du tar för dig. Du kickar ass! :)

Neoiti said...

Yey xD a ver se eu tambem consigo entrar onde quero..xD

Annwyn said...

@Josephine: Tack och tack!!! :D Det känns inte direkt "utpustande" för att detta var inte ngt jag sökte o liksom kämpade mig dit, det var rena slumpen att jag gick till den kursen, det var bara nån snilleblixt jag fick mitt i natten och googlade "bli tolk" och så blev det så...Vi vet hur det är, "everything happens for a reason" :P
(o va roligt att du gillade musiken!)

@Johanna: Pois é xP vais conseguir vais ver
Keep on trollin´

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