Friday, February 18, 2011

If you can´t find a dance partner use a wooden chair

If you can´t find a job within your education, find another education.

That is why I´m considering becoming an interpreter! (Yeah, the fact that the motion picture "The Interpreter" is one of my favourite movies EVER [evah evah] may have played a minor role, but I would´ve done this anyway if I hadn´t known that movie). xP
The course is one year long (Here we are, busting our asses off studying 3 and 5 years to get a freaking degree and it´s not even a guarantee for anything besides a nice looking template with your name on a wall) but the catch is that it starts every December - which I obviously missed. But I decided to take some courses that are included in it anyways, so in that way, I can still WORK as an interpreter, although not officially recognized by the Swedish Institute of translators and interpreters.

So I´m starting TOMORROW and hopefully by the end of April, after I´ve done, passed (and paid the insanely expensive tuition fees) I might actually be a "real" interpreter ("I wanna be a Real boy..!") so that I can actually legitimately apply for freelance jobs. :D

And that´s my plan.


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