Monday, February 28, 2011

This just in

I got an e-mail from the University of Lund asking me if I was available for an interview on March 7th (next monday!!1! *freaking out*) to get some answers about my background, evaluate my english communication skills, and see how well aware I am of european politics and political conflicts in general. (*freaking out AgAiN*)

This of course has to do with the fact the I applied for an international Master´s program on European Political Sciences, and who´d figure it´d be this demanding? :P (I mean, we´re still talking ´bout Swede-land here).

Soo......Crossing fingerzz!! [omgomgomgimsonervousomgomg]

I´m a total sleepy-head today so now I´m praising the coffee gods and trying to wake up and be a touch more awake than a zombie cuz I have to run to work soon. :P


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